My first YouTube video briefly explaining the difference between the Photoshop canvas size and image size. How you can adjust the canvas size to fit any size image and how to create more room on your canvas for the top and bottom. In this video I use the Pexels plugin and add an image that is too large for the canvas to show how I resize the canvas.

I explain how to access the info settings to view the sizes of the image and canvas and change the sizes to fit.

Step 1 

Using the info button or Windows > Info. find the height of the blank canvas.

Step 2

Add your image onto the canvas, either by using the Pexels Plugin or one of your own images.

Step 3 

Using the info panel again. Find the height of the new image.

Step 4

Go To Image > Canvas Size and use the anchor box to anchor to either the top, bottom, left or right. The opposite of this will add the required number of pixels. Make sure the “Relative” check box is checked and add the number into the width or height boxes and press OK.

Dragging Images Into Photoshop

When you drag images into Photoshop they will automatically convert to a smart object. This then allows Photoshop to resize the image to fit the canvas. If this isn’t working for you go to Edit > Preferences > General and make sure “Resize image during place” and “Always create smart objects when placing” is selected.